Marketing : 3rd Marketing Generation

The World has changed rapidly and because of this rapid change, Marketing situation is changed.

Unfortunately, after financial chaos in all over the world, Poverty and unemployment rose.

So all motivation packages want to return the Sense of trust and hope to International Market.

In Other Hand, the low rate of GDP in most of the countries and The desire to perform cheap services Forcing companies to have a new look at the marketing phenomenon.

in last 6 Decades, Marketing strategy has changed, in the beginning of Technology era, because of mass production companies focused on  Production. so the marketing was Product Orientation.

Product Orientation was the 1st Generation of Marketing.the 2nd orientation was born In the information age.

in this age, customers have a lot of information about the products and manufacture.

So, they could compare the quality, price, sales conditions, after sales and Every Activity related to the sales process.

if Fact 2nd orientation was the Customer orientation.
Well, when it comes to Customers orientation, one of the important items is a relation between seller and Customer.

in Customer orientation companies Focused on the issue, How they convince their customer to buy?

They didn’t t pay attention to this key point that the customers are Human and Human has many sense and Needs and desires of material and spiritual.

In fact, new customer Generation is so sensitive, Smart and intelligent. they are looking for the respect and attention.

For them, respect for human values, environmental issues, and Economic justice are so valuable.

This Kind of marketing called Values Orientation.

Both of Values Orientation and Customer Orientation have same target and it is CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, But Values orientation has the extra advantage, and it is More Values to World and environments.

in 3rd marketing generation,  Companies are distinguished by their values. They show their differences in their values and they try to high light their Values.

In a world full of ambiguity and advertizing, these are the distinct values they can Make customers attractive and loyal.